SilagePro® was first formulated as an enzyme product to produce an environment where forages would ferment faster and cooler utilizing natural bacteria. Somewhat variable results indicated that natural bacteria alone are not sufficient to provide consistent results. Consequently, four strains of lactic acid producing bacteria were added to the enzyme mixture to provide robust lactic acid production matched to the resulting enzyme activity.

Higher-Quality Silage Builds A Lower-Cost Ration

Normal fermentation

All silages experience heating and microbial activity that result in a loss of energy, starch, digestible protein and dry matter. Good management practices help reduce losses but do not eliminate them.

Controlling the microbial process

SilagePro® alters the fermentation – pH drop is accelerated, less heat is produced, fermentation takes days, not weeks and fiber digestibility is increased – dramatic differences that can be measured by forage analysis and animal response!

“SilagePro® was the only commercial product that controlled heating”

Utah State University – Trial conducted using 9’ Ag-Bags filled by alternating loads

A fast, cool fermentation yields more silage at feedout.

Less heat – less shrink

Electron microscopy of fiber after enzyme action

SilagePro®’s enzyme group releases sugars and “breaks fiber bonds”, opening the fiber and increasing surface area for digestive bacteria. This increases the rate of fiber digestion and improves NDF digestibility.

Data from trial at Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Research Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Projected cow performance income over cost – CPM Dairy

Ration balanced using Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada data and indicates changes per cow per day

Macdonald College

Two-year study evaluating intake, weight loss and milk production.
Elliot Block, PhD. and Henry J. Garino

Year 2: Dairy cow performance

Available in:

100 Gram Jar
Treats 100 Tons
Min. 1 box (10 Jars)

250 Gram Jar
Treats 250 Tons
Min. 1 box (10 Jars)

500 Gram Jar
Treats 500 Tons
Min. 1 box (10 Jars)

50 lb. bag
Treats 100 Tons
1 pallet (40 bags)

To achieve maximum shelf life, granular SilagePro® should be stored in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. SilagePro® concentrate should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer.