A Harry Situation

By LaNae Nalder Youth’s beliefs are greatly influenced by today’s pop culture and trending philosophies. While some of these new ideas are revolutionary and inspiring others leave, individuals lacking in reality. One specific piece I would like to address is Harry Potter and its effects on agriculture. J.K Rowling is one of the most praised authors of our time. The …

Youth Farm Safety

By LaNae Nalder In 2008, my husband Shad took our two little girls out to feed some bottle calves we were raising. They were out of their pen and in the process of chasing them in three metal cow panels accidentally fell on top of Rylie our four-year-old daughter. I had to resuscitate her, which I was able to do …

“5 Pennywise Rules for Dairy Farmers” -Dairy Herd

“The best way to lower purchased feed cost is to have higher quality forage.” Remember, your nutritionist is only as good as the forage you give him/her to work with! High quality forage lowers purchased feeds needed and total feed cost, and increases dry matter intake and production. This may also affect your forage mix that you feed your lactating …

Correct Round Bale Core and Shell Density

This article, written by Curt Hoffman – March 2016, discusses the importance of density in hay bales. We recommend greater core density and using HayPro II for high moisture hay (14-21%). Progressive Forage Grower – “Correct Round Bale Core and Shell Density”

The High Octane Dilemma

To Learn more please click on the link to the article that was featured in the July 2015 issue of Dairy Business East. The High Octane Dilemma