Odors and Solids

PROGEST can successfully control odors and solids by dominating the microbial processes of livestock waste. PROGEST will systematically attack, breakdown, digest and liquefy manure with an efficiency that has never been available before. What was out of control is now under control.

People and the Planet

PROGEST is all natural and biodegradable; it is non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals. PROGEST will dramatically reduce odors during storage and field application – A pleasant change for you and the neighbor!

Proper Application

DRY – PROGEST comes as a dry granular. Simply broadcast product over desired area. Even application is important.
LIQUID – PROGEST is not 100% water-soluble but can be mixed with water to form a slurry – pour or spray (will plug small spray tips). Even application is important.

Activating Pit or Lagoon

No crust – spread over as much surface area as possible
Crusted – Break open 8-10 holes around the lagoon and apply equal amounts of PROGEST directly into the liquid.

Maintenance Instructions

Application Rate: ½ pound per 15 cows
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Point of Application: In the gutters, alleyways, or collection pits directly under or behind animals.
As manure leaves the animal the battle for microbial dominance begins and odorous gases are released. Where the manure falls PROGEST should be applied. PROGEST will produce a rich microbial soup that will reduce odors & solids in confinement areas. PROGEST allows you to continually control odors and solids on two fronts with only one point of application!