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An extremely effective biological digester of animal waste. PROGEST contains a combination of enzymes and bacteria that when added to pits and lagoons, reduces, odors, solids and nitrogen losses. PROGEST is all natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

  • Enzyme groups break down the solids (large molecules) into small digestible forms that bacteria can “eat”. (decreases solids!)
  • The bacteria “eat” the small pieces and “hang on” to the nitrogen. (more “N” in manure!)
  • This can mean a decreased production of nitrates and free ammonia.
  • Most odors come from nitrogen containing gases — the bacteria now “keep” the nitrogen — therefore, odors are reduced!

Available in 25 lbs Drums.
Min 1 Drum

The PROGEST System

  • Reduction of odors during storage and field application
  • Dramatic reduction of free ammonia
  • Faster, more complete liquefaction of waste
  • Reduces crusting and bottom solids
  • All natural – biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe

Available for Swine, Equine, Dairy

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