Stack Up Profits with HayPro

Better hay – Baled sooner with HayPro

Don’t let hay get rained on this year. Beat the weather and bale some of the most beautiful hay you have ever made. HayPro II allows you to harvest more hay and more profit from the same field. Bailing sooner means more tons of protien and dry matter per acre – not just more water. HayPro II is the most effective hay product in the world today. It dosen’t matter what kind of hay you bale: grass, clover, alfalfa, or a mix. With HayPro II there is no gamble, just top quaility hay and peace of mind. Don’t settle for anything less!

HayPro II was developed to inhibit the organisms that cause heating and mold in high moisture grains. It is composed of naturally occurring digestive acids that are pH balanced for stability. These acids are among nature’s most powerful mold and bacteria inhibitors. This product is as a mold inhibitor in feeds. HayPro II is a safe, natural way to protect grain.


  1. Bale hay with 20-35% moisture
  2. On legume hay, average 15% more dry matter.
  3. Bale earlier in the morning and later at night
  4. Less mechanical handling
  5. Non-corrosive –it will not remove paint
  6. No moldy or dusty hay – no worry about barn fires
  7. Source of energy for cows and horses
  8. Easy and safe to handle –will not burn skin and is as safe as vinegar
  9. Full-strength hay preservative at an economical price
  10. Hay treated with HayPro II was shown to be beneficial for horses due to its decreased dust and mold content.

Available in 475 lbs Drums and 2375 lbs Totes

Available in 475 lbs Drums and 2375 lbs Totes
Pallet: 4 Drums