Stand Up®

STAND UP® is our most aggressive therapy for sick young animals.

It is given when a young animal is facing extreme stress resulting in severe scours and dehydration and is in danger of imminent death.

It was developed for use as a last resort…when every second counts.

If animals have symptoms of scours and dehydration and it is not fixed quickly and correctly they can die in a short period of time. It is important to return their gut to normal function as quickly as possible.

STAND UP® delivers billions of specialized lactic acid bacteria (LAB) as well as the nutrients they need to survive in a hostile environment.

The LAB in STAND UP® produces lactic acid and lowers the pH of the gut, like MAXIBAC® inhibiting the growth of harmful organisms. The LAB also produces some antibodies that additionally help to destroy these organisms.

STAND UP® comes in one size: 30cc syringe. There are 25 syringes in a box and 4 boxes in a case or 100 syringes. Each dose is 15cc (2 doses per syringe). This dose can be repeated in 6 hours if needed.

STAND UP®’s specific LAB are very strong and able to thrive in adverse conditions. They are potent lactic acid producers and some can produce antibodies to help fight infection. The rich nutrient media in STAND UP®, which contains enzymes and co-factors, help the LAB get a strong foothold in the animals gut and overpower harmful organisms.

Available in: 30cc syringe

Available in:
30cc syringe
Min 1 box (25 syringes)