Source E

SOURCE E is given to young animals that suffer from dehydration due to scours or lack of water intake.


Source E comes in 3 sizes
•4 oz. pack Min 1 box (20 packs)
•10 lb. pail Min 1 box (4 pails)
•25 lb. pail Min 1 pail

SOURCE E contains:

  • Electrolytes….Na, K, Cl
  • Energy….Sugars
  • Essential Minerals…CA, Mg.

The majority of electrolytes sold use sodium bicarbonate to raise blood pH, but bicarbonate causes two problems:

  1. Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarb) blocks formation of the milk clot and can make the scours worse.
  1. Bicarb raises the gut pH making it easier for the bad organisms to grow.

SOURCE E rehydrates the animal without these problems. This is because it has a “Plasma Specific Buffer”. This means that it corrects acid conditions in the blood and does not interfere with milk absorption or raise the pH in the gut.

The ingredients in SOURCE E are the reasons for the great results:
  • The electrolytes in SOURCE E aggressively transport water back into the cells, and bloodstream of the animal.
  • The high level of sugar in SOURCE E provides immediate energy
  • the essential minerals help restore proper cell function and stability

The standard dose is 4oz. in 2 quarts (or 2 liters) of water 2-3 times per day (If given to animals that have been transported from one location to another then one dose is sufficient).

SOURCE E allows you to treat a dehydrated animal without stopping normal feedings. Keeping the animal on feed helps them recover faster.

SOURCE E is available in different sizes. These sizes depend upon the standards for the requester’s country of origin. Contact us for more information.